The Last Supper

The Last Supper Crass Songs 1977 – 84

Birmingham  O2 Academy 25th Sept

Right first off , I had booked my ticket the day they went on sale, I had heard rumblings that Steve was gonna come out fighting and tour with the Crass songs for some time, so when the shows were announce I jumped at the Chance to see him and hear those song live for the first time since 1984. There had been some stick from some circles about the shows and Steve looked a touch nervous when he took to the stage, but there was no need to worry as to a person, the crowed were behind him and the band. I was totally lost in the whole event, the songs sounded as fresh as the first time i heard them, Steve was smiling and the mixed crowd of young and old men and women were singing along to every song, leaving even me to shame for not remembering all the lyrics, this was an event! just like the Crass gigs a Digbeth Civic Hall or the Conway Hall.  The band were great ploughing through an amazing number of songs Punk is Dead, Do they owe us a living, Big Hands, Big A Little A, Band from the Roxy, Bloody Revolutions, Securicor, rival tribal rebel revel, general bacardi etc… and Beki superbly handling classics like Berketex bride, Bata motel, Shaved women and Darling.

The band did justice to the songs and allowed a new generation as well as us older fans to hear the songs as they were, delivered with sincerity and meaning. This was nostalgia this was the unwrapping of important social commentary which is still absolutely fucking relevant today. I hope this wont be the last of Steve, I for one think its important that the songs don’t die and get passed on down to younger generations, If only to let people know there were voices that stood up against the shit.

some crappy shots from my mobile


The Last Supper 2010
24 Sep  UK Bristol – O2 Academy
25 Sep  UK Birmingham – O2 Academy
01 Oct  UK Manchester – Academy
02 Oct  UK Edinburgh – Liquid Room
15 Oct  NL Amsterdam – Melkweg
16 Oct  DE Köln/Cologne – Underground
17 Oct  DE Frankfurt – Exzess
19 Oct  DE München/Munich – Feierwerk
20 Oct  DE Berlin – Festsaal
21 Oct  PL Lodz – Dekompresja
22 Oct  DE Hamburg – Hafenklang
23 Oct  DK  Copenhagen – Loppen


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