Help Steve find a new singer.

Steve posted this at his site, if anyone can help out let him know

I would really appreciate anyone who can help us out by spreading the word on this. Please re-post, link, whatever.

Singer urgently needed.  We are looking for a female singer to join The Last Supper tour.  Unfortunately Beki has decided that she cannot continue to tour with us due to family commitments.  We are absolutely gutted, but determined not to let this set-back get us down.  So we are currently seeking a strong female vocalist who is capable of joining our little family, and of representing the Crass material with the heart and spirt it deserves (particularly the material from Penis Envy).  She must be available for an immediate audition, plus rehearsals in London or Peterborough in January and February, and then for our USA/Canadian tour (3 weeks in March), Australia/NZ tour (3-4 weeks in April & May), possibly Japan or a few others during the summer, and our finale show in London late 2011.  Obviously a clean passport/record will be required for visas etc.   Interested parties should please submit the following (1) one mp3 track featuring your vocals (2) short bio (3) photo (4) name, address, contact email & phone numbers (5) any links to extra music, info etc that you’d like us to consider.





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